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You need ...


Bullseye! You've chosen the greatest instrument on this planet and you see yourself already as an messiah to enlarge the worldwide guitarfamily. So far so good. But how the hell should that work with these six wires on the woodblock in front of you ?!


Don't panic :) I'll show you the rock/blues/pop skills, that YOU wanna know. 


You can either get some guitar lessons via internet (skype) or directly in Osnabrueck / Germany where I teach my private students.

Just click on the logo, write me a message and we'll get this thing started. 



...guitar on stage

Oh no! Your guitarist prefers hanging out with his new girlfriend instead of playin' Rock am Ring with you guys?! That's quite shitty.

Even more shitty: Your tour kicks off in two days and you just broke your finger?

No problem. Just click on the logo and we'll get this problem solved. 

Kopfhörer und Noten

...a sheet?

It's a complete desaster: That song coming out of your radio is phenomenal and you really wanna dig it... perhaps even on stage with your band. 

But as always: The how-to-play-family on several tubes doesn't boil it to an essance. 

I transcribed for guitar-magazine e.g. and I'm sure that I can help you out. So click on the logo to get a lead-sheet, detailed transcription or an explanatory video.


...guitar tracks?

I'm working also as a studio-musician, so feel free to contact, if you need some guitar parts to pimp up your upcoming tracks. 


I mainly play rock, blues, pop, funk but just ask me and we'll make a plan. You're one (logo-) click away. 

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